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OpenStudy has been supported by the smartest institutions: National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Georgia Research Alliance, Gates Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, and Learn Capital.


Preetha Ram

, CEO and co-founder, is known to OpenStudiers as "Bombdiggity". She knows a thing or two about learning: In her pre-Valley life, she helped students as a dean at Emory University; created a science curriculum for the Dalai Lama’s monks; and did a lot of research on problem based learning. She loves learning and is now learning the new teen slang from OpenStudiers. Her personal goal is to take every OpenStudier on a learning journey as rich as her own: from WCC Chennai and IIT Delhi to a PhD from Yale (yes, in biophysical chemistry) and Executive MBA from Emory. She loves a good book, traveling, and is firmly convinced she was an Italian in her previous life.

Ashwin Ram

is a co-founder of OpenStudy and Chief Innovation Officer of Interactive Intelligence at Xerox PARC. He was previously a professor at Georgia Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. Ashwin’s intelligence is by no means artificial, with a PhD from Yale University, MS from University of Illinois, and the President of India’s gold medal at IIT Delhi. Prior to OpenStudy, he co-founded three university spinoffs: Enkia (acquired by Sentiment360), Ardext, and Cobot Health. Ashwin loves crafty puzzles, writing poems, and exotic cultures.

Alex Natskovich is CTO and Chief DragonSlayer. He has the awesome job of taking this site to its next level of greatness. He prepared for this role by playing with technology since kindergarten. Luckily for him, he was schooled in a country where they consider this as normal as the 3Rs. When he is not slaying dragons on OpenStudy, he is slaying dragons (responsibly, of course) in other online worlds.

Hilary Lombard

Hilary Lombard is Director of Engagement at OpenStudy and keeps the community, the ambassadors, the moderators, and everyone else humming with happiness. She was previously VP of Content Services at Quando, acquired by Disney portal, and earned her MS in Instructional Technology from UGA. Hilary can slay you with words and wow you with savvy.

Previous Knights, DragonSlayers, Wizards and Elves of OpenStudy

Chris Sprague is a co-founder and Chief Evangelist of OpenStudy.

Antonio Salazar Cardozo was the Director (but mostly Chief Wizard) of Engineering.

Siddharth Gupta was the User Experience Design Lead at OpenStudy.

They created awesomeness with a stellar team: Matt Farmer, Matt Feury, Jon Birdsong, Colm Shalvey, Austin Walne, Dan Flannery, Min Hee Sayer, Shahein Tajmir, William Hockey, Anna Mansour, Sandra Baarlen, Dolly Krishnamurthy, Shahein Tajmir.