OpenStudy Code of Conduct

OpenStudy is a global learning community - built for you and by you. We ask all members to abide by a few core principles, an OpenStudiers’ pledge if you will. As an OpenStudier, I will:

Be Nice
I will stay positive, be friendly, and not mean
Give Help, Not Answers
I will encourage and guide those needing help, and not just give them an answer
Thank Others for Their Help
I will thank people for taking the time and effort to help me

Besides the pledge, we also have some specific guidelines on what not to do, outlined below. Failure to follow the guidelines may lead to your suspension or banning from the site. If you see any violations, please report them by using a report abuse link.

OpenStudy values the Learning process - not the ‘Give you an answer’ process

Don't devalue the question/answer process!

Don't spam! Common forms of spam include:

Don't be offensive, inappropriate, or creepy! So avoid:

Don't game the system! Keep medals and achievements valuable, so please avoid:

Keep in mind that OpenStudy is an open, transparent system where everyone can see all your posts, chats, comments, questions and answers. So OpenStudy documents your greatness and your helpfulness. If on the other hand you do not follow our code or post inappropriate content that is creepy, rude, or violates your school's Honor Code, it is also openly viewable. We care about you. So our advice is to be nice and honest.

Finally, if you do make a mistake, please be respectful to the moderators.

Welcome! And thank you for being a positive member of OpenStudy.