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  • Making education accessible by distributing the responsibility of teaching to the masses.
  • Making education fun and social by connecting users from across the globe.

If you are an Online Education Resource (OER) or part of the OpenCourseWare (OCW) Consortium, or even a professor or student with content, resources, or a course to share, you can now connect your users to each other and to thousands of learners studying the same topic in real time.

The OpenStudy widget places a direct link from your site to one of our study groups, where other users around the globe come together to help each other in real time. You can even show the latest questions on OpenStudy, directly on your site.

How to Partner with OpenStudy

  1. Select Widget Type

    Decide on either a question widget or a button widget

  2. Pick Location

    Identify the area on your site for the placement of the widget or button

  3. Paste Code

    Copy and paste the source code in your site

Getting Started

Create a customized widget by selecting options below:

  • Paste this code in your website

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