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The plan would also create online "study halls" where students around the state could discuss the curriculum.
September 5, 2012 | National Public Radio
The collaboration will take the strongest aspects of several platforms and combine them for the ultimate learning experience. OpenStudy, with their fantastic discussion and organization tools, will provide the collaboration aspects; MIT’s OpenCourseWare takes care of the subject material; Codecademy provides the tests and exercises; and the whole thing comes together on Peer 2 Peer University’s established online course space.
August 23, 2012 | Tiny Work
The new course, "A Gentle Introduction to Python," will blend content from M.I.T.’s OpenCourseWare, instant-feedback exercises and quizzes from Codecademy, and study groups organized by OpenStudy, and will be coordinated through an e-mail list operated by Peer 2 Peer University.
August 21, 2012 | The New York Times
The Edison Awards have been recognized as America's innovation awards that take the time-tested characteristics of innovation from earlier visionaries and write a new chapter in American innovation history.
April 27, 2012 | Edison Awards
"A lot of the people and organizations attending this year's ASU Education Innovation Summit are doing exciting things with education and technology to move us into the future. 2tor is helping universities take their degree programs online, OpenStudy and GoingOn Networks have created some amazing social learning platforms, companies like Netflixs and Grockit have shown us the power of data and personalization, and I'm sure we're going to learn about a lot more advancements in the days to come."
April 19, 2012 | Huffington Post
"Traditional grades are one-dimensional. Transcripts don’t convey how good students are at working with others and solving problems. That’s the argument made by the leaders of OpenStudy, the social-learning network that calls itself a 'global study group.'"
April 18, 2012 | Chronicle of Higher Education
"TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, began in 1984 as a conference dedicated to bringing together people from those three worlds. It has now grown to be a brand with several offshoots, including independently organized TEDx programs."
"Many of the TEDx speakers focused on education. Preetha Ram, an entrepreneur with the peer-to-peer learning startup, talked about the power of using other students to educate struggling students in subjects like math."
April 14, 2012 | San Jose Mercury News
"There's an esprit de corps among this generation of educational entrepreneurs, a group that includes Nic Borg and Jeff O’Hara of Edmodo, Chris Sprague and Ashwin Ram of Open Study and Pooja Nath of Piazza. Their companies, nimble, flexible and fast-moving, can respond to the genuine needs of students and teachers in ways that the big educational software, hardware and publishing companies often haven't."
February 15, 2012 | TIME
"...are already providing badges for student contribution to discussions, excellence in answering questions, and in providing help to fellow students. Don’t sneer at these 'softer skills.' By rewarding cooperative learning, such badges mirror the team-oriented environment at many corporations (especially tech-heavy workplaces)."
January 26, 2012 | Forbes
"Makes the world one big study group where students can connect with each other from any where in the world -- regardless of academic institution or geographical location -- and give help and get help from a global network of study peers."
January 17, 2012 | Edison Awards
"...MIT has an arrangement with OpenStudy in which students can earn online badges for providing helpful answers on discussion forums."
January 13, 2012 | U.S. News University Directory
"When it comes to biology, Catherine Lacey is a Level 40 Hero. That's her ranking on OpenStudy, where the University of Western Australia student spends up to 30 hours per week answering homework questions posed by students around the world."
January 8, 2012 | Chronicle of Higher Education
"The free service includes a drawing board where other students can walk each other through problems. It gives out medals and achievements for students who answer questions in certain subjects, and users can 'level up' as they help others."
October 17, 2011 | U.S. News & World Report
"...use features such as medals and scoreboards"
October 17, 2011 | The Sydney Morning Herald
"...use features such as medals and scoreboards"
October 17, 2011 | The Sydney Morning Herald
"Users with specific questions can receive more immediate help by using the new OpenStudy feature available at OWL mail tutors."
September 6, 2011 |
"... students become heroes and role models to one another, changing the perception of learning at a grass-roots level."
August 29, 2011 | Atlanta Journal Constitution
"Our readers voted this innovative online study group to the top of the competitive Best Student Participation category, and it's easy to see why."
August 17, 2011 | Education Portal
"All the academic assistance comes from students-players, volunteering their time and knowledge to help others."
August 8, 2011 | DIALECT MAGAZINE
"their platform helps students expand their resource pool beyond classmates to a global set of peers."
August 3, 2011 | Venture Atlanta
"Education-focused startup OpenStudy is a platform for 'massively multi-player study groups.'."
June 9, 2011 | TechCrunch
" ... which aims to become "a kind of Facebook for learning," provides the setting for those who ask questions during study and those who know the answers to come together for further learning. "
May 29, 2011 | The Hindu
"OpenStudy, obviously, is a partner we will continue to watch and to work with."
May 26, 2011 | Education-Portal
"Through OpenStudy, learners can find other working in similar content areas in order to support each other and answer each others’ questions. OpenStudy supports a number of study groups, including those focused on several MIT OCW courses."
May 5, 2011 | MindShift
"... links to related materials, and an online study group at OpenStudy where you can connect with other independent learners..."
January 12, 2011 | Read Write Web
"OpenStudy groups allow users of the OCW materials to connect with and support one another as they learn"
January 12, 2011 | MIT
"MIT OCW has teamed up with the social learning network OpenStudy in order to provide study groups for those working their way through OCW curriculum."
January 4, 2011 | Read Write Web
"About 12,000 people from 150 countries and territories use the site. The average student is in his or her mid-20s, but participants range from middle school students to senior citizens, organizers said."
November 23, 2010 | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"So if you’re interested in learning programming (hand raised), you’re no longer alone—you have one of the world’s biggest classrooms to turn to—any time, anywhere."
"OpenStudy has matched MIT engineering majors with high school students aspiring to be engineers in addition to connecting people learning English in China with people learning Chinese in England, and more."
October 28, 2010 | TheNextWeb
"OpenStudy, a social study network that originated at Georgia Tech and Emory University, allows users to work collaboratively and to answer one another's questions."
"The response, says Carson, has been "extraordinary." There are now 3000 students participating in the CS study group, 2400 in the calculus study group, and 800 in the Chinese one."
October 17, 2010 | ReadWriteWeb
"OpenStudy, a start-up with close ties to Tech, combines ideas from social networks like Facebook and online resources like Yahoo! Answers to provide students with a new way to study together."
"Students using OpenStudy can also reach students they have never met and even those at other campuses."
"OpenStudy is oriented toward the community surrounding studying as well as the material being studied."
October 17, 2010 | The Technique - Georgia Tech
"So let's say youre studying at home, you can get an answer to your question immediately, as oppoosed to going down to your professor's office, or maybe even gong to the library, where most of us used to study at school."
"We're trying to take that face-to-face online."
"We've come up with a really good way to give students anywhere in the world a way to find help in real-time."
October 2, 2010 | Fox
"Students all over the world are hitting textbooks late at night. When the students need help, who do they turn to?"
October 1, 2010 | CNN
"Through OpenStudy, learners around the world help each other and have the ability to work on assignments together."
September 30, 2010 | MIT OCW
"I find students can often explain things better to each other than we professors can explain it to them," -Professor Tim Stranske, graduate studies chair in Biola’s School of Education
September 26, 2010 | The Chimes - Biola University
"The project has been an exciting success, attracting thousands of participants and spurring OCW to add OpenStudy to five more courses this week as a first step in a wider expansion plan."
September 21, 2010 | ATDC
"I have been always a self-learner and everyone knows MIT OCW is the best place for courses. I think OpenStudy completes the whole learning process by adding a missing level."
September 20, 2010 | MIT OpenCourseWare
"Its Web site is the latest effort to create a social platform for independent learners who want to help each other study the huge trove of educational materials published free online by universities like MIT."
September 8, 2010 | The Chronicle of Higher Education