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what are 5 fractions for 75%

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well, ok, will start you off, what is 75%?

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Other answers:

as a fraction
trust me - I know you want to get this done, but it will be much faster to learn it
2 out of 3?
well, so when you see a %, you can start by thinking how many out of a 100
so 75% is 75/100
wait wait 3 out of 4
so if I say 75% of people love fractions, exactly!
yes 3/4 is 75%
and by definition, 75/100 is 75%
so you can follow the same strategy as before
you can either start at 75/100 and reduce
by reduce I mean you can evenly divide both the top and bottom by the same number
or you can start at 3/4 and multiply
so go ahead and try, and I'll check it for you
but on a conceptual level - 75% basically means out of say 100 people, 75 people will do X
wait what do i multiply
well, just like last time, you started with 2/3
and multiplied it by 2/2-6/6
you can start at 3/4, and multiply by 2/2 - 6/6
now the reason you can do this, is because 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, 6/6, they're all actually equal to 1
and multiplying ANYTHING by 1, gets the same basic thing (hence "equivalent")
so you're really just multiplying by 1 in different but "equivalent" ways
um so the next one would be 3/4 and 3/3
hmmm, well, those are not equal to 1
3/4 is 75%
or .75
it's only equivalent if you multiply the original fraction by 1
since 2x1 = 2, 3x1 = 3 etc... anything multiplied by 1 = 1
now fraction wise, the definition of "1" is something divided by itself
so 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5....
those are all equal to 1
and so if you multiple the original fraction by any of those, you'll have an equivalent fraction (since you've just multiplied by 1)
but it may look different, since there are bigger numbers on the top and the bottom
so the first one you did was correct, you multiplied by 2/2
now you want to multiply by 3/3 and on
so i multiply 3/4 and 3/3
oh sorry lol
I was still stuck on the last question
which was 2/3
you are in fact right haha
sorry =)
its ok
yes! =)
and ps, you can check these by plugging them into your calculator
3/4 and 4/4
75% can also be written as .75
because 75/100 is .75
(move the decimal places two to the left)
so every fraction you give me, if you put it in your calculator and divide, should equal .75
the next answer is 12/16
correct =)
wow lol=)
so if you divide 12 by 16 in your calculator, you will get .75
thats incredible
it makes a lot of sense once you practice =). and that's when math starts getting fun - once it finally makes sense
so keep going =)
mhmm =)
good work!
ok now can u help me with 60%
ok sure, and it's important you learn the other side of fractions, reduction
meaning you start with a big fraction, and then reduce it to equivalent fractions (make the numbers smaller)
so 75% - we said a basic definition of that is 75/100
as in if 75% of people like football, 75/100 people like football
so what is 60%?
3/5 is 60%
that is definitely true =)
ok so let's do this systematically
65% is the same thing as .65
sorry lol
60% is the same thing as .6
which is the same thing as .6/1
ok but that's not even numbers
but remember what we can do to fractions to get equivalent fractions
multiply by 1
so in this case, we want to get rid of the decimal place
since fractions don't have decimals (in this context)
so let's multiple by 10/10
which will move each decimal point by one place (since it's one zero in 10)
you know i owe you big time for this
it's ok! I've been there, just learned this last year
so .6/1 x 10/10 = (.6 x 10)/ (1 x 10)
so we know that 60% - which is the same thing as .6 , actually equals 6/10
what year of high school are you in i just started junior year
you can use that system to turn *any* % into a fraction
I'm a Sr.!
basically multiple by some power of 10, to get rid of the decimals, and you have the equivalent fraction
so .6/1 x 10/10 = 6/10
so we know that 6/10 is one equivalent fraction to .6
if you put it in the calculator, you will see that it's true
so now that you know 60% is 6/10, you can use the same system (multiplying by 1), to get five equivalent fractions
wow your right
so as a side note before returning to the question, here are a few more examples:
63% = .63/1 . well, we would need to multiple by 100/100 just so .63 doesn't have a decimal
so .63/1 x 100/100 = 63/100
so now you know that 63% is also .63, but also the fraction 63/100
anyway so back to the question: you now know that 60% = 6/10
OMG it my curfiew gotta go lets start a session tomorrow around 5:00!!!!!!!!!
ok =) I'll be around here probably 5 or 6. what timezone lol?
west coast?
oh I meant, are you west coast or east coast, since your 5pm may be my 8pm
what city u live in
atlanta, georgia
ok cool =)
well I'll be around tomorrow evening too then
bye bffl
ok! yep ttytm!
=) and ty

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