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is openstudy going to take jobs

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i can not see how
The essential reason for OpenStudy and open course content is that we tend to fill in the gaps where people either can't afford or can't find other help or other content.

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Other answers:

So someone may not be able to go to MIT because of cost, or simply because MIT doesn't have the capacity. But MIT offers the courses so that the *knowledge* is there.
What you pay for when you go to MIT is the degree and the name, and the community of students and professors that you interact with on a day-to-day basis.
i agree
Well I think that with any new technology some jobs may be taken away, but hopefully the new developments will create jobs as well. Someone earlier made a reference to the USPS, and while one could argue the advent of email took away jobs with declining Postal Service Sales, more jobs were added with the advent of companies such as Google, Yahoo, Barracuda etc.
ok take the robot ppl say it will tak job but will it they need ppl to build that robot am conterul it
know i am not saying it wont cuz it will but not alot a ppl well get lade off
dk, of course automation took away jobs. do you know where the word sabatoge came from? people threw sabots into the new machine that replaced their jobs
your robot example is poor
in fact, thats why many historians argue slavery was no longer needed. the south just needed automation , those giant farming equipment that was being built in the north. they didnt want to pay for it though since they already invested in slaves
well with the slaver was never needed in the first place
but it goes without saying, yes , this is a trend that can lead to many lost jobs. lost pensions. there will be a fight i suspect . sabotage
Powerseries, your point seems to be is that any sort of progress is bad because it might take away jobs from a different sector. How then is progress supposed to be made?
dk, well if you want profits, then you need slaves /cheap labor if you dont have the equipment to get the cotton off those gnarly bushes
I am sure in certain cases there will be. But at the moment online help and such isn't *really* seeking to displace established jobs. Initially it will simply fill the gaps and cracks in the system -- homework time, where the teacher/professor isn't really available to help, or further education when you can't afford to pay for it.
william, well some progress is gradual. im not against progress persay. im saying given our delicate economy right now, this progress represents a threat
Well, that's partly true. The other option for profits was to raise prices, or for more people to sell/employ instead of having a select few run large farms with slaves.
william, and the automation or industrial age was very sudden, and people left their farms because they could not compete with the farms which used automation . they had to move to the cities where they built the machines or factories (and they suffered from abuse)
The thing is, you'll rarely find progress that doesn't represent a threat to something, no matter what the state of the economy. The established players will fight tooth and nail, and, if the newer solution is better (in economic terms, more efficient), it will eventually win out. How long it takes depends on how successful the established players are in fighting.
To move out of the recession we need innovation and progress. Innovations like OpenStudy fill a niche that was not present before. If anything it creates jobs and revenues for the local communities.
ok that is tru but we r not going any were with the debt we ow so if ppl have to loses their job to betr thing right know then we can not do anything bout it
well, this is much cheaper than paying a 50,000 dollar salary with pension to a state teacher. dont you think?
i do
actually some teachers rake in 60, 70 thousand a year. superintendents rake in 100,000 a year (with long summer break)
Again, that's only really true if these products displace teachers, rather than fill in the areas where the teacher can't reach.
but on the other hand he hase a famile to so
Haha PowerSeries, OpenStudy is a complement to schooling, not a supplement. Check out the economics chat room ;)
shadow, who is going to pay my bills?
you r
whats the difference between supplement and complement. are we splitting semantical hairs?
defintly nor oboma he is doing nothing rght know
No, we aren't. OpenStudy is a complement or a supplement, it is not meant to supplant schooling.
A complement simply supports another product in this case Education, with OpenStudy they are helping students get more value out of their Education.
thanx you
Ok, i guess my point is, we are at a juncture here. we are a pebble stone throw here from thrwarting the accreditation process . who is to stop the private sector creating their own standardized testing, their own online schools/tutoring. and its much cheaper, less overhead. right now homeschools for example have to pay a huge premium to the accreditation board , which is in a sense, keeps the teachers happy in the state. i mean imagine you have online homeschooling that costs 500 dollars to get a 4 year degree. or 1,000 dollars. who can stop that? the reason why its expensive is because (i believe), the accreditation process.
There's already nothing stopping them, and in fact there is already private sector accreditation in place for many things. But then an industry sprouts up around getting you that accreditation in the private sector. Let's call it the `education' industry. And suddenly the landscape doesn't really look that different.
but i will have to research this further. in theory home schooling online should be MUCH cheaper than physical schooling, not sure why online home schooling costs 2000 dollars per year ( i think my sister paid 1600 a year)
think about the school bus drivers, the school cooks, the school janitors, the school superintendents. they will fight tooth and nail against this
Because it's worth it to a homeschooled parent/student to pay for the materials. And by the by, that probably *is* a good deal less expensive than physical schooling (do the math on the cost for faculty + staff + transportation / number of students and you should see that).
wait, the homeschool my sister went to had no faculty student interaction, only grades they sent through automated email
oh , i misread what you wrote so my theory is, what is the overhead for this online home school, its called penn foster by the way. im thinking, they must have had to pay a pretty sum for the right by the teachers board or accreditation to have an accredited high school degree
it would be great for the environment, no more millions of diesel yellow buses
maybe we can continue this discussion later. its interesting ...

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