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How are different areas of New York identifiable by particular styles of architecture, and styles standout?

New York City: A Social History - NYU Open Education
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Do you mean cities as opposed to farm areas?
The focus of this question is New York City itself
Ok...I don't live in NY, but have been there. I have been to the area of Trump Tower. It reflects the other images that surround it. I used to have a good BW photo that showed the reflctions. There is also foliage/plant along it's architecture. It is very contrasting in nature to the building itself. It was back in the 80s? In Brooklyn..there is the train above the roadway. It stands out quite a to Yankee Stadium. Other places I have been are more rural looking..more like upstate, but still have the train/subway abve ground.

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Other answers:

Chinatown..writing, architectural style...cultural...
World Trade Center before & after...
This shows Chinatown intermingled with American culture & Chinese...Canal St.
I also found a fire escape can't really tell it is in Chinatown though... Flickr is a pretty good source for photo. Not all places have fire escapes in their architecture..more population and buildings close together..building codes. This is another great fire escape shot. Fire escape small space gardening. 1867 mandated for Tenament Law
Here is the link to Trump Tower..the perspective is different from the ground This is a view of Trump Tower from the Empire State can see the bridge in the background and the smaller builings around it.
Empire State Bldg. BILLBOARDS....for advertising.
Times Square, Billboards and advertising....cabs, skyscrapers, way streets like Troy, NY..near where the Canal used to be on the Hudson River.
Old shot of the subway when it was being built. There are some really nice photos which include the train above & below groundlevel..a few fire escape shots. You have to search through the photos..there is also a photo of the old Yankee Stadium hich was demolished. That must be the sepia tone photo I linked. This last link is Long industry..not sure if this is what you are looking for. I want to mention Radio City Music Hall. The photos are not great on this link, but it talks about the history, design and architecture in Rockefeller Center. great shot of a street vendor by Radio City & all it's ornate is humbling.
Coney Island.....
Entrance to Chinatown... this might be a better photo link than the last. Note street lamps.... roofs, Chinese language in signage, advetising.
Columbus Park used to be Mulberry it is a park..used to be a market with "tramp lodging houses".
Wall Street....Trinity Church. Wall St. then...'53452823'&img= Before the automobile... Today.....looks like same corner...see columns in building..will look for a better photo... Here is Ground Zero from Trinity Church....
Greenwich Village..colorful storefronts, artsy neighborhood..trees, fairly clean neghborhood....Washington Square Arch.
Awesome. this is a great wealth of information. Are studying this course on your own, orjust a fan of new york? Are you taking other courses through NYU online?

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