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A kung fu master kicks a bad guy. The total impact force excreted by the kick on to the bad guy was 2400 pounds of force. Bad guy's weight was 142 pounds.

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The kick was executed perfectly straight at the centre of mass of the bad guy and was parallel to the floor. The total area of the kung fu master's shoe was 21 squared centimetres. The bad guy did not expect the kick and was standing perfectly straight before the kick. Will the kick kill the bad guy? If not, which organs or structures be damaged? To what extent? Will the kick propel the bad guy backwards? If yes, what distance will the bad guy travel?
HELP ME! I dont know where to start!!

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Other answers:

okay, enough laughing, I'll see if I can understand what's going on now ( XD )
are you serious? or practicing your stuff? :P
he looks serious, I'm drawing a sketch to clarify the given.
it's funny anyways
I am dead serious, I decided not to practice my craft on the nice people in this site anymore.
I know =D; okay let's put the given on one side and the RTF on the other andy
HAHA.. you are practicing and failing for the next time
second time*
draw a sketch of the whole problem before the bad guy gets kicked and call it diagram (a), then draw another one of the bad guy being kicked and call it diagram (b) so you have the intial drawing and the final drawing
I guess this question also requires some knowledge of anatomy
put the given found in diagram (a), and figure out what you have given in diagram (b) :)
I'm not sure If I can solve the problem,but I can hint some stuff ? maybe?
hmm... but it is a nice question anywayz
lol start drawing the intial and final states , then put the given found in each state, after that list the formulas you know about the distance and see what you can do.
in diagram (a) you have alot of givens, so try to figure out what can you compute using these givens ^_^ then try to link it with diagram (b) Am I making any sense to you? ^^"
ok, that question part, about the distance he will fly backwards is easy, the hard part is to know if he will die or not... any ideas?
depends on the force exerted and the weight of the person
if his weight = 142 pounds and the force exerted = 2400 pounds, he won't die, but he'll suffer from deep injury, logically :)
ok, thanks star, do you thing i should use anatomical diagrams to figure out the damage done? I understand that center of mass is somewhere in the mid section.
nope, you can rely on the center of mass ^_^ this is physics and bio is part of it and not the vise versa :) glad I could help AG ^_^
ok, thankyou, you are, as always, simply the best...
okay you're exaggerating lol
lol, thank you ^_^ so are you

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