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I am not good in maths, should I study more maths before I begin programming?

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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math helps you to improve your abilitiy with numbers and imagination, so, in my opinion you need to take some math course before.
maths helps you a lot in programming.It's not compulsory to learn maths but learning it , helps in logical thinking.I advice you to learn a maths course.It helps in aptitude tests which u will face in an interview if u go for an IT based company...
Ditto - you have to know basic math at least - and a lot of coding involves logical thinking usually referred to as "discrete" math. You can check out this pdf to get an idea of how the two are complementary : However- NO you do not have to be a math genius to stat programming. In fact, programming may make you more interested in math in the long run. Dive in =)

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Other answers:

I think U should learn more about mathematic,,coz it'll help U to make the logic of computer programming,,,if U 're beginner U should try Visual Basic first..
depends on what you mean by "not good in maths" logical thinking is more important, really
I have found that computer programming courses often use math to formulate test or problem set questions. If you do not understand the math used to formulate the question and therefore the algorithm you need to be writing you will have a very difficult time. Highschool math up to and including pre cal should be sufficient for 101 level programming courses IMO.
thanks guys, I realized that there are two types of maths,discrete maths and continuous maths, which is more important in computer science? Are there any courses in MIT or websites that teaches maths ?
i was learning algebra 2 when i made a word search game. You can check it out here: Its not like python, but its still programming ;)
Don't let your lack of math skills stop you from trying programming. Jump in there and get your hands dirty. If you feel like you need more math at some point, take a class.
For people that say you need math what math level do you think is necessary because I am in high school but I am in Pre-Calc.
I made a pretty good app this year while learning algebra II (i posted the link to the app further above in this convo). For starters, though, you may want to check out scratch. Its actually by MIT. here's the link: I still use it, and i am trying 2 learn python
If you are good at math it helps in any programming. It necessary to understand how the processes are integrated into programming, but not totally necessary. If you understand the basics addition sub, exponents est you will program perfectly fine. When you write programs in order to conserve memory there will be alot of number crunching... They say you should take calculus to program..I been programming since high school, and failed algebra once :) . I didnt even take calc. Like anything if your willing to teach yourself and practice you'll get it

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