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anyone with some ideas for a research topic for Masters Degree in Information System? please help
MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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Here is an angle for you: The United Nations does not have any type of information management system in place for cataloging, classifying or analyzing reports. This is all the way from the field missions up through the headquarters. Basically, reports go from the field missions to the headquarters and it all reads like typical office correspondence. The next guy gets the reports and they cross out and regurgitate. If you asked questions such as 'How many negative incidents were the rebel military group 'A' involved with last month?" You would have no answer. If you wanted to determine if the rate of villages plundered decline during the rainy season, you couldn't find out. Amazing to think that countries support these missions but do not demand any accountability. If we look at these missions as 'projects' then where are the artifacts? You could really go many directions with this. Maybe they need tools to analyze the text? But then how would those tools be effected in a multi-national environment of users?

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