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An oil tanker is entering the bay of niteall near the seaside towns of lasywille and sleepyton.The oil tanker is due nothy of sleepton and due east of lawyville.In order to determine the distance to shore, the communications officer, elmer mudd, sends out a blast on the fog horn. The horn automatically signals a light to flash back to the ship from the light towers in each town as soon as the sound strikes the sound sensors in the towers. It took 6 seconds for the sound to reach lazyville and 8 seconds to reach sleepton.Elmer was able to calculate not only the distance from the ship to each to

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lol, continue the question :)
shhh sstarica, this is good! a trucker that can do math! what a tale!!
lol >_< alrighty~

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Other answers:

lol im jkin tho, truckers can do pretty good math, if you listen to car talkkkkkk <3 and please continue brandon lam
car talk? I don't think I will understand anything, besides why would I care about cars? lol
Though I'm a girl, my interest far lies beyond what girls/guys like :)
How did trucking come into this?
its about cars but alot of the listeners just listen cause its entertaining. they help people who dont know cars, fix their cars, and dont stop telling jokes throughout the whole show, they have a puzzler segment where they ask a puzzler, and once it was mathematical and the puzzler was based on a story where a trucker found the 1/4th point on a circle with only pure geometry
the story is about a trucker...
wow, that's beautiful !
they can really solve problems don't they?

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