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ok, I have finished writing a boot-sector infecing virus and need someone to test it

Computer Science
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I would appreciate if you could test my new virus, simply download this archive unrar it, and thats it (if you dont notice wird buzzing sound and display colors get crayzy just double click the program inside the archive, it will do the trick :)), restart the PC and tell me what happened, (using another PC if yours is dead) here is the file:
1 Attachment
thank you in advance
oh, it would help greately if you could also say your windows build version (this virus will only work on windows)

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Other answers:

the more info you give me the better, and yes, I will become your fan if you help me on this one
ARE YOU NUTS? I downloaded the file and tested it in the sandbox environment, and yes it works alright. But, you should not be posting this kind of stuff here! I thought you are joking or something, but I tried it and it works. My pc was not infected as I was using a closed sandbox windows image using VirtualBox. You should use virtualBox or WMware or something like that to test it out on different machines, NOT people. Oh and congratulations, I have submitted the virus for Avast and F-Secure analysis, I am sure in about a day or two most antiviruses will catch it. Good luck assembling, just dont post your stuff here next time. =D
ok, sorry
and I know you BMF, you live next door to me, Alex. I just figured out it is you LOL :) Btw, have you fixed the routers? Because I am tired sharing my fiberOptics conn wit you. With your activities, I will get in trouble LOL, so please do not use my internet for stuff like that mate.
You two are brilliant ~ it's like an inadvertent double act. I'll have to say no on the virus though, not that it isn't tempting, it's just that I use Linux.

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