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what should I do to perfect my writing score in the SAT? Is there any recommended book that I should use?
  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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Here are some examples of readings that you could do to improve your score. If you have any issues with grammar, try buying a grammar and usage workbook and keep practicing! If you have issues with the essay, try to form at least two examples, and make sure you establish REASONS and not just throw in random examples. Literary The World According to Garp (one of my favorite books, works for almost everything) A Widow for One Year All the King's Men Crime and Punishment Great Expectations Frankenstein To Kill a Mockingbird Of Mice and Men The Scarlet Letter The Great Gatsby 1984 Brave New World The Odyssey/The Illiad/The Aeneid Any Shakespearean tragedy, esp. Hamlet and Macbeth And if you're truly a kick-retricewriter and want to have some fun... Harry Potter (yes, it can be done) Historical French Revolution American Revolution Civil War: 54th Regiment (Subject of the film Glory) Ghandi Civil Rights Movement: Rosa Parks, Malcolm X (not MLK!) Mother Teresa Harvey Milk Nixon/Watergate Scandal Cuban Missile Crisis Roosevelt/New Deal Johnson/Great Society Abraham Lincoln Harriet Tubman WEB DuBois Napoleon's Invasion of Russia /Hitler's Invasion of Russia Peter the Great/Modernization of Russia Scientific Copernicus Galileo Newton Thomas Edison The rise of the Internet/Cell Phones Alexander Fleming/Discovery of Penicillin Genetic Testing (another example that works for tons of questions) Genetically Modified Food Grigori Perelman (recently proved the Poincaré Conjecture) -- really interesting story, great if you're interested in math Current Events Obama Hillary Clinton Stock Market Crash/Madoff Japan Nuclear Disaster Revolution in Egypt Hurricane Katrina War in Afghanistan/Iraq (no, you will not penalized for your political views) AIDS Epidemic And of course...Reality Television
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You know, SAT is NP-hard (NP-complete actually); 3-SAT still is. But for something easier you could try 2-SAT :-)

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