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what is computer networking
Computer Science
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When two or more independent computers are able to communicate with each another, that's a network. It is common to have certain devices on a network that are accessed by other computers to do certain tasks, printers being a good example. It is also common to have computers on the network that are dedicated to serving the others. The Internet can be considered the sum total of all the networks that have been joined together across the world. Sorry this is a pretty simple answer to a complex question, but I saw you'd been waiting hours and thought I'd try and help out. If you define your question more precisely, it'll make it easier for people know exactly what you need help with.
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Was that a Serious Question? well computer networking is the connecting as little as two pcs or as many as 5000 or more pcs together either together in a LAN (Local Area Network) which is a network of computers connected together in a relatively local near by area. Now you can connect two or more LANs seperated by great distances by a WAN (Wide Area Network) WANs allow for a LANs to connect to eachother with threw a virtual connection directed threw the internet USUALLY using a encryted network protocal ( there are many, take your pick, the protocol used usually depends on the needs of the users/commany) Now a WAN allows for sharing files and resources between LANs that are seperated by distance. Fortunately, when it comes to the internet, new protocols, new technology and new methodology the concept of DISTANCE is RAPIDLY becoming obsolete, weither you're next door or on the other side to the planet technology is no longer restricted or stopped by topographical distance!!! Everything is becoming more "VIRTUAL".

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