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Taking pre-med summer courses at another institution... I want/need to take organic chemistry this summer, because I plan to take biology and physics next year...and the mcat the summer after soph. yr (I'm currently a freshman). However, my concern is that I am currently a student at Emory, but will probably not be able to take the course there due to cost. Since I'm from Texas, I wanted to take the course at UT, but due to some complications, I may not be able to accomplish that. This leaves me with Baylor or University of Houston (Rice doesn't offer the course)...would UH reflect poorly?
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Also, I don't think Texas A&M has the course. But just to expand on the "complications" with UT...I am considering transferring there for my sophomore yr. However, I am currently below the 30 credit minimum (as of the Fall semester) necessary for them to evaluate my application. Therefore, I can't register for the course yet...until I'm admitted and submit my Spring 2011 transcript. After submitting the transcript, it would take the admissions committee about 4 weeks to give me a decision. As a result, it would probably take too long, and I would miss the start of the summer session. I also cannot apply as a transient AND transfer student, therefore, since I already applied as a degree-seeking transfer, I can't claim that I just want to study at UT for the summer, as a non degree-seeking student.
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