• anonymous
what are the steps to create a webpage on dream weaver its really confusing for me
Computer Science
  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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  • chestercat
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  • mattfeury
I don't know specifically for dreamweaver, but all you need is a basic file (named 'index.html'). This file will contain 'markup' that dictates how the page should look / be organized. The basic structure of a file would be this: *put a 'doctype' here* *this is where scripts and styles will go. * Content goes here. Hello, world!
  • carlsmith
Hi zaynab, welcome to OpenStudy. I've not used DreamWeaver, but if you're just starting out with HTML, it can be a good idea to just start by writing pages manually with a decent text editor. You tend to get a better idea of what you're doing and you can always copy and paste stuff in while you're learning. And we're always learning :) Are you looking to have server-side scripting or just build some pages? Let us know what you're trying to achieve. There's bunch of people here that'll have no problems explaining basic web tech. I just don't personally know anything about DreamWeaver so I can't help you there.
  • anonymous
hi zaynab, are u familiar with html? ok, anyway, dreamweaver is an editor(editor, u know, like notepad in windows). It is more advanced editor, is something visual(is a visual editor). Do u familiar with visual studio? dreamweaver is a little bit like visual studio. u can have all the controls there, and styles too. And, is a much better platform with many language support, like html, jsp, asp, php, css, javascript.... for html, u just take new->html. The dreamweaver has 3 window-split options: code, design and split(half portion will be code and other half will be design). click on design view and insert your html controls from insert menu. u don't have to bothered about coding. just click and insert. because dreamweaver is all about design and coding.

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