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Which OpenSource Content Managagement System is the most easiest to learn? Especially regarding Front-End-User-Accounting?

Computer Science
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It depends on your stylability, what is easy to you, and what is hard to you. Some people can write in codes or computer language, others like a visual approach. Examples are 1024 - uses ajax, Affinity circles, AIOCP - free, BCOOS - free. it again is a personal opinion.
I know maybe my question is too general. I guess I like coding more than the visual approach. I have skills in html, javascript, xml etc. and I'm willing to learn php as well. As i said i want to setup a website, where its necessary for user to login. there should be different usergroups with different "siteviews".
I do not think there is any easier than this

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Other answers:

rikner, you might want to look at learning to use Google App Engine with Python, rather than PHP. There's a ton of really good web frameworks for Python as well if you don't want to go with a *aaS option. If you're considering PHP, look at Python, it owns PHP.
In my opinion :)
carlsmith, any suggestions for him on CMSes for Python? Also worth checking out is Ruby, which has the Radiant CMS ( ) and Nesta, which is pretty bare-bones ( ). There are others, as well.
I wasn't really commenting on CMS, I was just looking at rikner's post, where he said he didn't mind learning PHP and didn't want to miss a golden opportunity to big up Python. With regard to CMSs, having not worked on anything substantial myself, I couldn't really offer very authoritative advice on the subject. I'll instead have to opt for fobbing everyone off with a useful link :)

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