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can someone help me with this one its so confusing 46 63 31 49 24 16 21 47 37 56 41 26 27 53 30 26 18 43 25 51 22 27 35 29 21 33 24 22 32 45 30 31 64 23 27 22 38 40 49 34 36 26 58 39 47 34 55 20 27 35 create a frequency table and a histogram of the data using class widths of your choice. give the 5 number summary and draw a box and whisker plot for the data. calculate the mean median and mode of the data. what is the z score for a raw score of 21? what raw score corresponds to a z score of 1.75?
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Okay so first put all of those values into a stem and leaf diagram -from there you can find the mode and median easily.. There are 50 terms so the mean is the sum of them divided by 50 -which i believe is 34.98 (x-bar) Then the freqeuncy table will have your class widths in the left column and the and the frequency on the right -I would suggest you have class widths of \[0\le x <10\] \[10\le x <20\] and so on.. For the histogram it looks like a bar chart but you can have different class widths, this isn't really necessary as the said you can choose them frequency goes on the y-axis. I don't understand the other parts of the question so i can't help you with that... hope i've helped!

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