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I have a student interested in physics and engineering. He can't decide which one to take. Any advice?

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it depends on his determination...... both r good enough i think he must go for engineerin it also includes physics depending on which engineerin he choose 4 him self.
good question - physics is generally an underlying course requirement in engineering majors, he should probably take intro physics and explore the other more specific engineering fields before deciding.
well he should research both physics and engineering by reading some stuff out of them. As engineering student i would suggest engineering. Unlike physics where we collectively study different topics. Engineering give yourself more interest to study specifically about a field and have plenty of time to explore it.

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Other answers:

where does she/he lives !!> but generally i choose Engeering
i will suggest that, which u feel comfortable u should choose that...because i know a lots of people who chose engineering but ultimately switched to physics. I'm an engineering student and i love my stream a lot but i can't assure u that engineering will be equally interesting to u. so if u have research in mind then i think u should choose physics. And if u like technology then engineering may be a better wishes for ur choice.
Thanks everybody. Good suggestions.
Physics is the base for any engineering course you wish to pursue...but engineering deals with application of physics to improve our standards of living.....So Both are good option...So let the student choose the one he prefers...
If the student is research oriented, it is better for him to take Physics. However, engineering is preferred by those wanting to become professionals.
I prefer that student should take Engineering. Physics is not a bad subject but engineering gives you much more opportunities
For hands on, think engineering. For theoretical (research), think physics. He can probably start off with either a physics or engineering degree, and switch in his Sophmore year because both degrees will have similar first year curriculum.

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