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17. Do you think the American Dream is easy to attain? Define the American Dream. Then use details from the passage and your life experiences to defend your opinion. (2 points)
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I think that the american dream we all grow knowing is, buying a home, having a family , and being well off in society; this includes money and a great career. I do not think that attaining all these attributes come in easy.The obstacles become greater-the further you get in your quest. For starter, currently ( with the economical crisis we are in) the government has made it extremely hard to attain a home loan, this may put a damp in the parade of some one with little money, trying to purchase a home (as a first time home purchaser). The next goal for the American dream would be to have a family; although, this maybe the easiest goal to achieve (from my perspective). Sometimes things do not turn out to be so smooth in that area. It may be a little more difficult for some to find the special someone whom they will spend their lives with-only 50% of marriages make out well. The other half result in divorce. Finally the most difficult dream, attaining a dream job that will be self gratifying, and will be financially rewarding as well.Let's be realistic- you will not be happy with a job that you love doing; at the same time this job cannot make your ends meet. We all have financial needs; if you are not compensated accordingly, you will not be happy ( that is the bottom line). Endeavored to improve your quality of life- that is your purpose for working. Reaching the ultimate goal of living a comfortable life with out having to struggle- that is the ultimated "American dream." Best Regard, Karina T. P.S. Good luck with this topic! :)

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