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In the years before World War II, why did some dictators believe they could take over Europe and other parts of the world?
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this is just how I understand things, Many of them think that their weapons are advanced and that they have what it takes to win over European territories because of the frail foundations that were left after WW1. anyways I think further readings on this matter can give you enlightenment. I'm not a historian but I did pass my history class..^_^
  • anonymous
Germany was wounded from behaviour of the allies at the end of WW1 and still considered that her voice was not being heard. Weak position that she was in due to crippling sanctions and loss of territory encouraged fanatics like Hitler to succeed. In the mid thirties Germany was not as powerful or able to wage war with France or Great Britain but unfortunately for the world Hitler could see that the european powers had not the stomach for another fight which gave time for real rearmament and historically virtually unopposed land gain. Not until late 1939 did the allied powers attempt to halt the spread of Nazi land grabbing, of course by now much too late.

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