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What bad things happened in Cambodia? I know it's a general question, but please answer anyways.
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For one, the US and South Vietnam forces invaded Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Cambodia was also a protectorate of France from 1867-1953. After WWII Cambodia was suffering a serious famine. In response to this, a political party named the Khmer Rouge evacuated the people in Cambodia's cities and forced them to work in rural areas in order to grow food. In this evacuation, the Khmer Rouge destroyed anything that had western influence, including libraries, hospitals with western medicine, schools, and they committed genocide against Muslims and Chinese minorities.
  • anonymous
They committed genocide against everyone. Best guess around 2 million people actively killed - plenty more by starvation and disease. This isn't a bad reference:,8599,1879785,00.html But Pol Pot and his cronies were some seriously bad dudes. check out the map at the bottom of this page

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