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can you please tell me some of the possible power sources for deep space missions ; except (any) nuclear, radioisotope, MHD, solar panel, solar sail & laser beamed . . ? I am worried about nuclear or MHD power plant after the terrible Japan incident. Solar power or sail are not too efficient too. May be some fictional sources , that are being researched in the labs, that I am asking about ?
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Most nuclear power sources used in deep space are not nuclear reactors that can explode. Most are just hot radioactive devices called RTGs (Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator). These are as docile as common batteries - and they have been used several times by now. Another source is a fuel cell which can convert chemical energy of fuels directly into electricity without burning. They were used by Apollo missions and possibly by space shuttles too.
  • anonymous
nowadays deep space missions uses hydrogen oxygen fuel cell which is more efficient and it also gives pure water for astronauts

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