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this is not a typical question to be asked here but to those math experts out there can you give me some of your techniques or tips on how can I excel on math and how to love this subject?

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I wnat to know this too.. i'll be glad if u all can share with us..
it really is NyteLyte :)
Think about practical application if that interests you

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Other answers:

how about 'formula' that we need to remember? Any tips?
Know where they come from. I don't remember many formula but I know how to derive them
so that only comes from a minute of analyzing and then wolla!, u've got the answer already?
no, you really have to understand the concept, instead of just remembering the steps
wow.. so that is what i am doing ryt now :)
FIRST -- understand the concept SECOND -- revise it the day it is taught (and for the next 2-3 days) THIRD -- solve as many sums as u can based on the concept FOURTH -- ask friends to pose you problems and solve them FIFTH -- look to connect it to everyday life (like find the are of the tabletop, calculate the interest your father will earn on his fixed deposit etc.)
sumtyms i feel so low, when i see my scores are really depressing.. cos whenever we are in with the lesson thats the tym that i cant concentrate or focus :?
thnx for the help harkikat and imranmeah19 :)
U r welcome wincy !! without FOCUS it is impossible to succeed in anything. Look at great players around you. They are the BEST in their sport BUT THEY PRACTICE FOR HOURS EVERYDAY WITH FOCUS !!!! That is why they r successful than others !!!
wow,that is inspiring :"). thnx
okey. sorry but i want to ask more.. how to improve our focus?
nytelyte! i agree wid you, harkikat; yeah! :0 that is one thing that i am missing now :( i cant really concentrate directly on the lesson..
its like any other talent; you either use it and make it stronger, or you ignore it and it fades into the annuls of history
amistre64, youre ryt.. now I know how important it is to sharpen our brain and enchance our skills in any field
sit in a quiet surrounding while doing maths - no music around, no friends etc. chatting, no ipod in yr ears!!! read aloud so that you can hear what you are reading - specially the concept and formulas (slowly reduce this to mumbling and then to just "pronouncing them in the mind with no actual sound being made) close your eyes and try to repeat it without looking at the written material. practice this regularly everyday slowly, over a period of year or two, you will find that your focus has improved that is the best i can suggest as i hv tried it with some of my students too !!!
wow that is really nice.. thnx for the advice.. i really feel accepted here :") haha
i only have an MP4. XD iPod is quiet expensive here in the philippines haha
so, wincy.. by now.. we dont need to use it when study.. he2
make a group of 3-4 friends and let each contribute a dollar then every weekend, hold a quiz session, with an elder having a list of the formulas to verify your answers the person with highest number of correct answers wins the booty COMPETITION BREEDS DESIRE TO OUTSHINE OTHERS, RESULTING IN SUCCESS !!!
hahaha. nytelyte, you're ryt XD
competition? i cant compete.. I got my heart easily broken when I cant win :/
In my opinion, an achiever is not one who never fails I feel an achiever who even after failing a few times does not give up but works harder and wins one day. He/she is an ACHIEVER because he/she has achieved what they felt was impossible !!!
Print the story of KING BRUCE AND THE SPIDER at a place where you can read it once a day atleast !!!
thnk you so much harkikat :)
is it a poem or a story?
GREAT ACHIEVER usually the one who experience great fails but not give up and try until he/she success..
that is ryt nytelyte :)
it is a story but someone might have put it in the form of a poem google King Bruce and the Spider and you will find it
yeah, i found it thank you..
ok, good !!!
maybe im just too senstive when it cums to those things.. i have a depression, and it is hard for me to open my mind on those things :) ehe
yeah here it is haha
Depression ???? wincy what's yr age ??
uhh, yeah.. slight depression :) im only 15 :)

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