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what are the effects of the energy in the population?
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Energy need is increasing day by day. Generation of energy from non renewable resources pose threat to human beings as they cause pollution, global warming and health hazards. Fossil fuels like petroleum/coal etc cause large amount of Carbon-Di oxide and green house gases to atmosphere. These gases will cause increase in atmospheric temperature, and pose threat to Ozone layer... Nuclear energy too is not free from causing danger to human kind, as what happened in Chernobyl, Fukushima(japan)......can cause lot of nuclear material to reach atmosphere /environment and can lead to defects like mutation, cancers. There is no way to control such emergencies, but the industrialization and high energy need is making us depend on them. Dust allergies and other allergic diseases are on the rise. Plants, and other animals are dying out as more area of their ecosystem is encrouched/polluted. This will affect human future too

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