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Among the Axis Powers, who faced a two-front war?

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Japan, Italy, Germany, England or the United States?
Germany eventually fought on two fronts (1944) in France and Soviet held territory in the east. Italy fought in North Africa, Albania and Greece. For a short period in 1940 they also foughtr in south east France burt were defeated until reinforced by German victory in the north in 1940.
England and US were definitely NOT axis powers.

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Other answers:

Germany and Italy, if you define front broadly you can include Japan [Pacific and Asia]
Meta I would say that it is stretching it a little to say Japan fought a two front war. I think of an army fighting on two fronts as being split with one facing one way and the other facing the opposite way.
Consider '45 when Russia invaded Manchuria[China] from the far north, and the Americans where island hopping from the South. Yes the campaign was only for a week or so, but I believe it would count in broad terms.
Correction * Lasted for a month.
two fronts like one coutry fighting 2.
All of them.
well who first then?
The answer most teachers will accept is Germany at a Highschool Level, because they most likely glossed over the Invasion of China, and don't mention Russian involvement against Japan, and Italy I think gets a small foot note as "Ally of Germany", Granted the Italian army was only fit to take on underarmed Ethiopians, but they did other things.
They all did, the facists fighted the West and the Communists, the Communists fighted the West and the facists.
The Germans faced a two front war. Nearing the end many book, stories, and movies had been made to talk about it. For example All Quiet on the Western front displayed how they fought on both sides in the end ended up losing the war by signing the treaty.
"All Quiet on the Western Front" refers to the first world war, not the second. The Soviet invasion of Manchuria took place after hostilities had ended against Germany, so they never had two simultaneous fronts.
Germany, The Soviets attacked from the East, America from the West :D
In the most general sense, the answer they're probably looking for is Germany (Soviets in the east; Americans, Canadians, British, French, Danes, the Dutch, Poles, Czechs in the west). You could argue Italy was a two-front battle. Southern Italy and its colonies were soon overtaken once the Allies started offensive attacks. Northern Italy didn't fall until towards the end of the war. Japan mostly had to worry about defending Pacific territory south of them.

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