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is the operating system that runs on mac specifically designed for mac only or can i replace my windows7 with it?

Computer Science
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if you are purchasing there is(~200$+,I Think).............. and there is a hacked version HACKINTOSH which runs on many systems. It will be safe using Ubuntu or other easy versions of linux, Lot of features for customisation are available for linux(ubuntu).
You can run Windows 7 on a Macintosh. Check out products called "Boot Camp" and "Parallels" Also, it might be possible to remove the Mac OS and replace it with Windows but I'm not sure about that.
I would recommend VMWare Fusion over Parallels. Apple is THE most closed system on the market. They control both the hardware and the software. The OS is designed to work with their specific hardware, so maybe you can get it to work on other hardware, maybe not. But, hey, it's fun to redo a computer if an experiment fails!

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Other answers:

I think he is speaking crazy stuff! He wants to put MAC X OS on a PC! lol It is possible, there are some customez version with the boot and init modified to be installed in any pc pr computer, but because pc and computers and not al the same, the results may vary. You can use VMWARE to installe it as a guess host inside other OS, like windows, linux or even Mac itself. Since now, macs come with Intel processors, and gpus as pcs, wether they pocess different organization, they are pretty much using the same architecture, x86, x64 , since those cpus are made by intel, and G5 no longers mass produce theirs, not that I know of... If you rather want to use Mac, it is for testing purposes on a pc, it can be done.
mmm so can i say ubuntu is the best pc system on the market?
on the Open-Source market :)
is it south african made?
Ubuntu it is for Human Beings, for the ppl at no cost :) most of Linux distros are like that, they all chare same license, as the original Linux does. SOme of them are propietary and comercial, but still :)
oh so its not south african coz i googled the name
Of course not it is not african. It's a open source and free operating system. Think about that Windows($ 299.9)=MacOS($194.94)=Ubuntu(Free). What do u Think?
ubuntu b-coz its freeeeeeeeeeee

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