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Will English remain the dominate language of international business into the Twenty Second Century?

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According to what I know, NO. Mandarin will be the international business into the twenty second century. However, English will still be used to travel and for fun. Hope that helps you
Yes, English will remain the dominant language because more and more countries are beginning to teach it in their area. Most of the leading business honchos from all over the world get their advanced education in English-speaking countries and hence prefer to use it while dealing with overseas customers. In India, the second most populous country in the world, everyone aims to learn English. So I do not foresee English losing its preeminent position in the business world.
I argee with Harkirat....i believe that English will remain the dominant language becuz most people around the world speak English even those who a different language like from over seas and stuff......Im very smart at answering questions like this but this is what i think!

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Other answers:

no america isnt far into the economy and there are more international people in the US than americans so no
china is gaining power and the government will be theirs
In point of view, the chinese want only doing their businesses, independently on others people speak mandari or not. So, the english will keep being the main language into the business world.
Do you believe the rest of the world will give up their languages just to trade with china????? NEVER!!!!
What r the translators there for??? Go and visit Chinese universities, people r crazy about learning English............. China is a manufacturing country wanting to sell to others and when you r the seller you have to learn your customers' language and not the other way around....!!!!
I agreee with Harkirat.
This is a really interesting question! I wonder what English will look/sound like in 100 years. New words and phrases are constantly being added to the language, and I imagine that there will be lots of Mandarin and Hindi incorporated into English in the next century. Points for you Matthewrlee for asking a great question!
I believe english became a widespread business language for mainly 2 causes: - The mechanicist world view in intricated to the english language and to the business world. The english language is very straightforward, practical and logical as well as the businesses. It creates synergy. - One of the main country where the actual business concept have been born are english speakers: US and UK. BUT, nowadays things are becoming different... Let´s wait for the next wave to see which culture will be more adapted to the world conditions.
English i either the first or second langues of many nations around the globe there is only one country that speaks manderin and this question is simply answered by majority rules. More people speak english so i believe it will carry on to the 22nd century as the international buisness language. Most representitives in china already speak english and dont think that will change anytime soon. It is not as if representatives of china will wake up one day and think to themselves "hmm im going to refuse my buisness to anyone who doesnt speak manderin( which is the rest of the world.)

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