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What are good ways to reduce someone´s sex drive other than the removal of testicles? (e.g.: Maybe shaving the hair of your armpits and other body hair to reduce your attracting odors wich might also be sensed by yourself to tell you: now is a good time to find a mate)

Health Sciences
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Drive Contraceptive pills down his mouth? this might work due to the high levels of Progesterone .
shaving the hair of your armpits and other body hair- won't reduce the sex drive.
SSRI's, birth control pills, DepoProvera injections for a male.

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Other answers:

Libido is not something you can just turn off, but high stress levels and poor diet will lower it. If you really want to help someone with controlling an unhealthy sex drive getting some guidance or counseling from a trained psychologist would be a good idea. Try to look at why it has become a problem and how it got that way.
methamphetimenes like adderall or vyvanse. it lowers your sex drive 10 fold.
These are all drugs designed for OTHER uses. Your best bet is to use something like cyproterone acetate or other antiandrogenic drugs designed for decreasing hypersexuality.
drugs r drugs after all...........artificial chemicals being pumped into the body can never be healthy in the long run..... best thing to do is, as roesreader suggests, consult a trained psychologist.................... he will help you to understand the reasons behind the sex-drive, how to control it etc.
there are some medications that can decrease a person's sex drive.
There are herbal remidies as well, plant estrogens, St. John's Wort, and/or eating alot of soy. None are sure shots but there are strong links to reduced sex drive.
Sex is great
certain systemic anti-fungal medications can also reduce libido...though I wouldn't recommend taking them due to the other more serious side effects

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