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Suppose you live 3.6 miles from a hill. From your home you see a plane directly above the hill. Your angle of elevation to the plane is 11°. What is the plane’s altitude?

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one sec, trying to work it out now.
okay thanks :)
i'll tell u!

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Other answers:

ok :)
3643.2 feet
thats not right?'s a right triangle....your house to the hill is adjacent, down hill to the plane is Opposite or the altitude... so so tan (11) = opp/ adj = opp/ 3.6 => Opp = tan(11 degree) x 3.6
why not?
its not an option on the mulitipul choice.....
well .69 miles
geekwannabe is right his/her answer is an option thanks! geek!
you're welcome!
.69 seems awfully low hahahaha
The answer isn't in terms of miles or feet?
the answer has to be in miles
zhill: it could be low since the angle is not too large..
tan 11 * 3.6 = 0.69987 miles!!!!!!1
lol, I know
I think I should get credit for my correct answer
so im getting 3 diff answers here so what is the real answer????
lolwut? but i guess if it makes logical sense....too bad the plane isnt gonna make it too far over the hill if its on a negative slope haha.
but your question is not correct man!
it's all correct, just you choosing the way to round the numbers...
a_kaffash, I said .69 miles before you lol
well obvously tou are all going to say "mine is the corect one"
list the multiple choice answers if there are any. we can use deductive reasoning.
But i say the question is wrong... if the plane is seen on top of a hill from your home it doesn't mean it is exactly on top of hill
it may be further
0.7 3.5 4.1 and -813.4
so the altitude is more
get it??
ok so that leaves the answer to be???? b?
Hmmm! no ore details on question?
the answers are all in miles by the way...
im looking over this atm if anyone is interested. pertains to her problem...
let me give you the topic my teacher put it under give me 1 second...
Use trigonometric ratios to find angles of elevation and angles of depression.
1 Attachment
You already have the angle of elevation
look at this!
1 Attachment
a_kaffash, you're wrong, the angle of elevation does not mean the plane will be on top of the hill, so the answer is .7 miles
ok? obviously this question is stumping everyone ill try a different site or heck go to my tutor lol ... thanks for tryin tho....... have a great sunday everyone.... good bye.... :)
tell you what, ill setel this ill put the one i think then ill come back and tell you who ws right?
okay here it is ...... 0.7!!!!!!
Um, I told you that
.69 rounds to .7
i know but the others were saying other things
You didn't specify what the units of the answer should be in...
one sec im working on it. seeing if i get the same answer only im solving for every side and every angle to be sure....if your patient with me i should be able to double check.
.69 is correct. shockingly.
yea ok hes good.
zhill, why are you so surprised? lol!
cuz logically i couldnt see a plane being that low an altitude hahahahaha.
you gotta be landing, prepin for bailout, or a really horrible, paraplegic down syndrome pilot to be that low to the ground. or at least have a legit reason hahahah.
3,500 ft seems a little low for my taste haha.
this problem is now going to deep theory lol

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