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When your going to cut a plant, does the plant feel that your going to cut by him

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lol! i dont think so
do they sense anything
i have no idea but plants are ALIVE so mabye they sense but ofcourse not like humans

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Other answers:

ok thanks
sorry i couldnt help u much further ... :( so ill give u a medal :)
depends, are there any nerve cells?
No, plants don't have a nervous system that is as complicated as ours. It doesn't have a brain, and therefore cannot even think. Even if it had nerve cells, which it doesn't, it wouldn't even be able to comprehend pain.
so it dosent sense anything right?
Plants don't have the ability to sense physical contact like humans or animals do. If they did, they'd be able to move and such.
there are plants that can "feel" touch but no, they dont feel "pain".
Here you can see an example of what i'm saying above.
Humans make such judgement by making themselves and other animals as basis for comparison. No plants do not cry or shout nor do they try to run away. So we say that they do not "feel" and hence they do not sense that we are going to cut them. But are we 100% sure??? Guess not, because there are so many things that we still do not know about plants. I have heard of a place where people curse a plant day and night when they want to kill it. They do not cut and kill it but just shout at it and curse it. Slowly, over a period of time, the plant withers and dies !!! Up to you to decide........☺☻
These are all of course expected and generally accepted answers, howeever not all of them may be correct. Plants are multicellular organisms, and they do infact respond to the environment, such as they sense light and move towards it, carnivorous plants close their "traps" when touched in the right spots, and it has actually been said that they "play". Plants continuously move, the only thing is they move so slow it is not normally noticed by humans. Also, consider the root system. This is a interconnected "web" of connections which the plant uses to obtain nutrients from the soil, but if you look at the big picture, it freakishly closely resembles the human brain. Not saying that the roots ARE the plants brain, but it currently being investigated. As far as "can the plant feel pain", id say that is a hard question to answer. The easy way out is NO, but Im not so sure that is correct. It will interesting to see with all the upcoming reesearch exactly what is going on. Check out this awesome video to learn more!

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