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Looking for something to read.... Name you favorite 20 books of all times (with authors, please)...

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What is your favorite kind of book to read... like a topic... and I'll tell you what's good out there! :)
1)Desert Solitaire (Edward Abbey) 2)Story of B (Daniel Quinn) 3)Ecotopia (not sure) 4)Celestine Prophecy (?) 5)Golden Compass(Philip Pullman) 6)Monkleywrench Gang (Edward Abbey) 7)Sailor Song (Ken Kesey) 8)The Princess Bride (William Goldman) 9)Electric Acid Kool Aid Test (Tom Wolfe) 10)Grand Obsession (Tom Meyers, Elias Butler) 11)Thus Spoke Zarathustra (tough one) (Nitszche) 12)Cadilac Desert (Marc Reisner) 13)Secret Knowledge of Water (Craig Childs) 14)There's This River (Christa Sadler) 15)Sunk Without a Sound (The tragic story of Glen and Bessi Hyde) (Brad Dimock) 16)Old man and the Sea (Ernest Hemingway) 17)Life of Pi (Yan Martel) 18)The Desert Cries (Craig Childs) 19)The life of Jim Morrison (?) 20)Infinite Jest (David Foster Wallace)
@mimig.... i can read anything... i just love reading...!

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Other answers:

Tabitha King, wife of best-selling author Stephen, wrote a book "One on One", that is an excellent read. If you go for historical or biographical novels, Irving Stone wrote 'The Agony and the Ecstasy', about Michelangelo. James A. Michener, a prolific author wrote "Hawaii," "The Source," "Poland," The Drifters'", Texas," "Space," "Alaska," and more. Harry Kemmelman wrote murder-mystery, mostly the Rabbi series, that includes titles like "Friday the Rabbi Saw Red." The series covers every day of the week, along with "Someday the Rabbi... " and "One Day ... ".
I gave you just a small sample, only covering a few genres. It's hard fot me to say what are my absolute favorites of all times, since that changes as I change over time.
@abtrehearn... i know... it always changes... but that was amazing... thank you very much... @jakester Hey... we have a lot in common... great book!...
Anythink by Ray Bradbury, The Thorn Birds, Les Miserables, The little prince, and most other books i read are in russian so i cannot recommend them :/
Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson (New Falcon Publications) A superb (and seemingly experiemental) book written by a very interesting man. Robert combines, with great success, a delightfully wide range of idioms, psychological proccesses and scientific knowledge to effectively describe the experience of the individual and all the related phenomenon that you and I, as symbol-using apes, are familiar to, and that which may seem alien to us. Check it out:
Raymond Chandler mysteries, Barbara Kingsolver novels, Haruki Murakami novels, Junichiro Tanizaki novels, Louise Erdrich (Native American), Amy Tan (Bonesetter's Daughter), Han Suyin (history of China), Chang Rae Lee (Native Speaker), Octavia Butler (Kindred-science fiction), Zade Smith (White Teeth), Jhumpa Lahiri (The Namesake), The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon. I also like page-turner mysteries, Bad Boy by Peter Robinson.

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