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Situation: A month ago, you were out with some friends and got into a little bit of trouble. Your parents grounded you for a month. You have never been in trouble in any way before that. Now that it is over, they have told you that you can go out again with friends on Friday and Saturday evenings only, and you must be home by 9:00. You would like more lenient rules. Several of your friends have plans for the coming Saturday, plans that would require you to get home after 11:00 PM at the earliest.

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You are going to write a note to your friends to explain the situation, and you are going to write a message to your parents in which you ask for a different set of rules.
I think you should just bite the bullet, take the new rules without complaint for a while and then ask for a revision.
lol, not my situation, this is something i have to do for english.

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Other answers:

You will want to write a persuasive essay to your parents. There should be many tips available for writing this sort of piece on the Internet or in writing handbooks. You will probably want to have three strong arguments that will convince your parents to change the rules and support each of the arguments with supportive evidence. One of your arguments might be that you will offer something in return (extra chores, etc.). Think about how your parents can benefit from you staying out later and reassure them that there won't be a repeat of getting into trouble previously. I'm not sure why you would write to your friends, but if it part of the assignment, you will probably just stick to the facts, so they know why you won't (currently) be able to participate fully in social engagements.
not sure, thats the assignment. in my opinion a little too middle school level, but i ahve to complete it, and i have to get it done good. i cant get any less than an A in this class. but thank you!(:
This second note to friends is a different style of writing, because it has a different purpose. It is an informative "argument", instead of a persuasive one. You are trying to persuade your parents, but inform your friends accurately (not persuade them). That is why the note to friends - so they know what's going on and therefore help or at least keep inviting you to things ;D This is a smart assignment! It shows you why and where you use each style of writing in our everyday lives. (Your essays would be text messages or verbal communication in reality)
In other words, you should be writing the second essay (note to friends) a different "way".
ask your friend if they can change the plans so they start earlyer and end at 9:00. it really sucks how early you have to be home

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