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can anyone learn the art of writing without being naturally talented in it ?

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Anyone can write if given the chance. If you are talking about writing in the style of a famous poet, perhaps study them and do some research and practice said style. On the other hand, if you are asking if one can think a thought and write a spontaneous work of art, the answer is yes and no. There is an audience for everything.
Typical lack of faith? do you not keep diary and write, or do blogs etc regardless of particular academic leanings. I have seen writers who are Scientists on MIT OCW site, so if say Science and Writing don't go together, go to find out the many writers there are on MIT and whole Writing Courses are designed with that aim. I would do Writing Courses and self learn yourself in your space and time into finding out that is not the case, unless it really isn't the case and your energies best spent elsewhere with a healthy appreciation and use of Writing. You don't specify what type of writing. In this case we are all Beginners.
Anyone with a name like Feynman Girl after the Mathematician, clearly has enough brains to learn the whole writing process. There are Mathematicians like Marcus de Sautoy who have to write in order to make popular the art of maths and make the common masses enjoy and be competent in numerical understanding.

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Other answers:

thank u it was encouraging :)
interestingly enough, my favorite book was written by a physicist and its about tragic love. Its beautifully written and really doesnt seem like the work of a physicist.. so i guess that goes to show that probably anyone can write.
Yes using the Scientists at MIT, of course, because they don't let themselves enjoy a mindset that says that if you are a Scientist (meaning everything from Mathematician to Biologist etc) you have no English skills let alone creative ones. If you believe everyone has a voice, and that voice is legitimate regardless of political and economic circumstances then one must reason that those voices be heard and be published in an democratising environment. Then one would logically do one could to make one's voice, literary, political, economic, psychological, biological etc heard. By believing one has a voice especially a unique voice, one must then make sure it gets articulated, marketed, to widest possible audience. Theses as in own indidivual unique non commanded is the greatest aid to this. Regardless of whether that voice is needed desired or known about by the powers that be and the mass Readership. My Two Pence (I am English not American).
Why hmmm?
I surmise you are not in a place where what I just said would mean anything. If perchance you are then...
The art of writing is the art of expressing ideas. Everyone can learn the various conventions of expressing ideas efficiently. Once you learn how, do it: express your ideas! Since everyone has unique ideas, everyone has "talent" as far as the art side goes. If you can't write well it is simply because you do not know how - and that can be fixed! :)
i dont understand what sort of a place you mean but all can say is wat u said meant something
i can write well enough i just want to kno how to be better at it @blackholemind
Marginal Place @feynmangirl ie voices of racial minorities, disabled***, alcoholics, drug addicts etc or else in a place noone understands or comprehends but still has it's undiscernable language and need to express it in the various ways; writing, multimedia etc.

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