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I need to improve my core grammar knowledge. What should i do ?

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Buy a good grammar book and begin with the basic parts of speech. The Purdue Owl has many informative grammar links. Look through them. Also, find some on-line exercises to complete. Practice, practice, practice.
Is there a particular area of grammar you need to focus on first? Are you a native English speaker? I'm wondering because there are special resources for English learners who are speakers of other languages.
I am also a "lifelonglearner"

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Other answers:

Grammar can mean several things in any language. 1) It's supposed to mean sentence structure: how you arrange words. 2) Part of that, though, is sentence formation - including word tenses & conjugation (past/present/future/plural/possession/action/etc...) 3) Especially in English, this also includes punctuation for clarity. If you are a native English speaker, or are already fluent, learn the rules: Grammar Bluebook is okay: If English is not your first language, you need to learn the differences in how sentences are put together. Look at how a sentence is in your language, then notice the different placement of verbs or adjectives. (In Spanish, adjectives come after nouns - while in English they usually come before nouns) I recommend you search for a language education program (book, person, etc..) that teaches you English from an English point of view, but heavily explained in your own language. This will give you a foundation to build your English on. Example: If you don't know the relationship of consonants and vowels in English it will be hard to speak or write perfectly without having to look things up. This is something almost subconscious in English but is important, yet in Japanese it means almost nothing. All that said, even I don't always get it perfect :) have some very good english learning sites
Everything that has been posted makes perfect sense. In my opinion, at its most basic, if you read for pleasure, your understanding of the english language will grow. Find a good book, dive into it and don't stop reading. It is kind of like when you write down a word and it just doesn't look like it is spelled correctly. You begin to just realize what works and what does not in sentence structure. The more sentences you read (literally) the better an understanding you will have for the rules of the laguage you speak. Reading a grammar book will work, but may be a bit dry. Try a classic piece of literature. Hemingway, Kesey, Vonnegut. Once the interest in reading has been spakred, it won't stop burning.
try wren and martin.its d best grammar book
Thanks a lot to everyone who answered my question, i will surely work on your advice

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