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Identify and describe two examples of propaganda you have seen. Then, explain how each example shows that propaganda technique.

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Propaganda is simply BIASED information used to benefit oneself, it does not have to be false or negative. Need examples? Advertisements are a good source. In fact, ads are the epitome of propaganda. There are plenty: -Presidential Campaigns -Cancer Research Campaigns & Charities (If biased, i.e. for-profit) -"Be Green" Campaigns (some companies charge premiums for these items) -Infomercials -"truth" Anti-Smoking Campaigns (arguably) The only reason propaganda is viewed as bad is because it is a tool which when wielded results in another's LOSS - which is the bad part. As for the techniques, here are 11 of them:
America's claim that Iraq had WMDs i.e weapons of mass destruction was a false propaganda but led the world to tolerate their actions initially but boomeranged later - techniques Name calling and Assertions Pakistan using false fronts for its propaganda that Kashmir is a part of Pakistan and wants to be in Pakistan. Most Kashmiri's are happy being part of India. Those who do not want to be a part of India also do not want to be a part of Pakistan. - Assertions, Bandwagon, Card stacking
BlackholeMind is rite thats exactly wat propaganda means

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Other answers:

Government Spin. PR calculated to give twist on events that is favourable to Organisation Company Government Dept etc. a Deliberate and concerted Campaign to brainwash the masses ie Chinas Cultural Revolution. Also bear in mind the Propaganda mechanism of Wild Capitalism, Liquid Capital ending up in Liquid lives(Bauman, Naomi Klein the Shock Doctrine and No Logo. Bauman The Corosion of character [as a result of the above])
UK Spin. Use of Shock Therapy in UK to enforce the opinions of Wild Capital#ukriots The best propaganda is that used to enforce current policy ie cuts and promote and protect the interests of big business instead of the people who bear the brunt of successive and brutal even violent costs to income, health etc as a result.

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