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How do you rid one's self of a moderate case of clinical depression?

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get active. Help other people. Making other people feel good should help make you feel good/better
pray and try to stay as healthy as possible
It helps to talk to your neighbors. If you are not interacting face-to-face with others, then you isolate too much, and that is not good for your well-being. A simple thing like taking a walk outside on a regular basis can help alleviate depression. Also, put a smile on your face. Say hello to your neighbors. These small things can put a shine on your day.

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Other answers:

Yes, one of the biggest things is: see the sun. If you keep your blinds closed or don't go outside much, change those things. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference that alone can make. Also, watch out for it becoming more than a moderate case, and at that point, find someone (a professional) to talk to.
Depression is not something you can "cure" on your own. Talk to someone, preferably a professional. This isn't something you "did" to yourself, or something you can "undo." Please talk to someone who can help.
There are resources around such as counseling help phone lines or counselors at schools to assist you. I've seen online psychology resources that feature articles with research and practical advice about depression. I agree that finding a professional to personally talk to is a good recommendation. Thanks for sharing your question here===whether it's for yourself or for someone you know.
Now that is a question! First you need to be able to tell what type of depression it is. There are two main types: the first is when you become depressed due to something that has happened in your life, i.e. a death, breaking up with your girl/boyfriend, etc. The second is when you suffer from a chemical imbalance. For the first type, councelling, talking to your friends/family, keeping active (so you don't give yourself time to sit and think) and doing something you enjoy will help. It may take some time but healing does. For the second type the cure is not so easy. Most find that they start to suffer from depression when they go through puberty as that is when the chemical imbalance usually becomes more pronounced and starts to affect them. While you may find you have ups, a down at some point is inevitably coming. The best way to remedy this is to talk to your doctor about anti-depressants as they rectify the chemical imbalance (most people who take anti-depressants don't say they're 'happy' after taking them, but more 'level'.) Councelling and doing the other things I mentioned for the first type of depression will still help, but will not completely stop your depression if you are suffering from this type. Hope this helps :)

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