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A community for students.

I can't believe there exists sites like this. As a teacher I find it horrendous that less intelligent students go online to ask intelligent students to answer their questions when they could search for the information them self!

I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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No student is less intelligent than other. Please do not create this differentiation. You can also post your questions as well as join as a tutor to help the students who are struggling with their subjects.
I agree with abhirichster. Every student is different - just because they do not understand a certain subject as well as other students does not make them less intelligent. This can depend on the quality of teaching as well: some teachers are better at communicating to students and promoting understanding. An environment like this one offers the chance for students of many backgrounds and subjects to talk together and share insight.
this is the wrong forum to post your opinion; this is the Biology forum. i suggest the OpenStudy Feedback forum.

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Other answers:

i oppose u as a student i m saying this the best way to clearify your doubts evn sharing knowledge n how can u say like that....... :-l
god!just temme hw many of u teachers are ready to clear our doubts?most of the time u discard them as trash!but every question we have is a cry to understand the world!don't discourage us!plz
and it would b gud if u could get onboard with us!:)
And I can't believe that you, Mamagalom12, are a teacher.
This site isn't about free answers, it's about free HELP! This site gives students the time that often their teachers don't have for them. And it exposes students to a variety of material they may not have yet encountered, as well as solidifying the old things that they already learned when they help someone else. It's true, some people abuse this site, both as an asker and an answerer. But the truth is, even without this site, they would have found a way anyways. Please don't crush the learning.
Great scientists never talked with other great scientists to bash ideas together....oh wait.
Forums like this promote learning, to just blatantly bash this is to have a very closed mind, Im glad ill never have you as a teacher.

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