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A bit of tricky question on complex numbers.. try it guys for fun.. What are the answers to 1.√(-1 * -1) and 2.√(-1)*√(-1) a.1 b.-1....

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1. 1
myininaya i wanted others to answer it.. lol!!!

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Other answers:

oops i can delete
myinaya can you take a look at my problem i had a couple days ago?
sure is it a quick one i have to go to bed
Raioner give the link.. even i will give a try
try answering it joe.. lol!!!
i feel like its a trap >.> lol
still answer no..
isnt the first one 1 and the second one -1? or am i not giving this problem the attention it deserves?
joe its not a trap
i made it look like a trap.. lol!! ur right
I don't really understand how it is tricky? This is just order of operations and complex numbers.
Alchemista, nothing is tricky to you!
lol its not tricky it wasn't meant for us people who have already passed algebra
well ppl can answer the second one as 1 too as Raioner did in the first reply... @Alchemista
yea raioner did a good job :) go raioner!
i dont know what im doing up <.< i have class tomorrow morning >.>
i said gn and im still here
I haven't seen any linear algebra on here for a while
ive noticed too Alchemista, and it saddens me =/
you mean to say questions on linear algebra?? @Alchemista
maybe during the fall semester it will pick up? maybe the actual Linear Algebra 18.06 thread will be alive?
i can only dream~
and there certainly isn't any abstract algebra stuff
ok here is an easy linear algebra problem: show that a n by n matrix with zeros everywhere except on the diagonal of the matrix has the diagonal entries as eigenvalues
if u want i can ask you guys some questions by tomorrow..But i believe the others must ask... We can ask them to ask such questions...
i know its easy but u wanted a linear algebra problem lol
whats that matrix called a diagonalized matrix?
i cant remember the name
It is a diagonal matrix
ok lol
i still havent answered that one problem i asked a while back. I was able to prove that if A is an invertible matrix with integer entries, and its inverse also has invertible entries, then the det A must be 1 or -1 (as per Alchemista's suggestion, thank you again). But i dont see how to use that fact to solve the problem.
Had to prove it before I could use it anywhos.
ok i must really go to bed gn
lates :)
gn.. meet you tomorro
joe u also leaving?
i really need to =/ i have less than 8 hours till class, gotta get some sleep >.<
oh ok...
is this your normal time frame? during the week i should be on around now for a while. Mondays are the only days where my sleep schedule is off lol.
how did myininaya factorize ths 25x^2-2576x+9904???
jesus O.o the polynomial is ridiculous
if it was me, i would have just went to to see what the roots are.
Raioner wants it ..... i would have done the same.. lol! that something squared? maybe.....
nope its not.
how did you do that alchemista?
yup thats what she got... how did u do that Alchemista?
There are many ways you can find the roots (factoring is one of them). You can complete the square or use the quadratic formula.
mathemagic...lolol i saw someone post this word yesterday.
o pellet yea ax^2+bx+c
yup she asked y mathematics was called mathemagic.
didn't even think of that. brilliant. Thanks man.
There actually is something called "mathemagics" well its someone who performs quick mental computations using mnemonic devices.
Thanks guys. time for bed.
mnemonic devices. whats that?
sounds interesting o.O i might have to google that sometime. Lates Raioner.
joe less dan 7 hours left for ur class.. lol!!!
lol >.< no idea why im up :)
that was amazing o.O

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