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give me a metal so I can celebrate too
dup guys

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Other answers:

Now he's sin saif....
congrats :)
Congrats on the Sensei my friend!
Thnks! :)
thnkx haha-sher
haha CONGRATULATIONS \[\color{indigo}{\Huge{SENSEI}}\]
Thnks man!
=) Keep it up :)
havnt figured that yet. :( maximum is Satallite, he is on 88th.. same SENSEI.
oh i missed your party :(
Surely u did Myininaya! :(
Np, v will join your Sensei Party for sure! :)
what number of medals do i need to obtain to be a sensei?
80th Level.
about 2200medals! not far though.
lol so far away
i predict you reach the next level \[\color{blue}{\huge{\text{grandmaster of the universe}}}\] before me. maybe before amistre too, but you better hurry.
Wtf is this? o.O
WTF = Welcome to Facebook.
LOL, i will try my best.
YAR 4 DAYS ONLY >>>>>>>>>>
So..just give a medal to everyone?
haan yaar! :(
I got the next level name "Legend" --> source: Amistre
OO wow! LEGEND is cool.
:O I want that name!
yea very cool
LOL, u can get it.. just pay $1/.
long way for you lazy
:( How about we just throw lotsa parties? :D:D
Your name says it all LAZY
haha, then MODS will throw u!
I really need to use a different name from now on >.> Bring em on
challenge foe getting ban?
i want a medal
Consider yourself demoted by fiat. Do not create threads solely for the purpose of giving and receiving medals. This time the penalty was in points, medals, and rank. Next time it will be at least a temporary suspension. Higher ranked members are expected to act as examples, not try to game the system.
Shadow, Saif has been gaming the system the whole time, lol
Hey Shadow, lol i never thought that this could happen. secondly i had no intention of getting medals.. it was just nothing.. 13medals don't count for me.. Infact.. ppl say that i get illegal medals.. or i do math for medals. thats totally a lie. i love doing math and love teaching it too. ppl also say that i give direct answers thats a lie too. But, if this act of mine was considered as bad... then i really apologize for it. it was your Right to decrease my medals, points and ranks.. I really apologize. you are correct about the example thing.. i really do agree.. And i will try to be that Example. And i WASNT "gaming the system at any costs.
Hero, lol u always speak against me, so i wont mind. hehe.
And if there was anything that i wanted to increase my medals, i would have already deleted this question, like others do!
It was a joke saif...besides, he had already demoted you before I made my comment.
Yeah, you probably should have deleted it.
umm, i knw u were joking lol.. that really makes sense.. i must have loved deleting it, lol.
No worries. Just have to be direct about cracking down on what at least appeared to be a medal exchange post. I have no doubt you'll reach the rank again soon :)
ummm, tht appeared but it isnt.. :] umm, no problem i will get there, soon. lol. as i got before.

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