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I am teaching cell anatomy for the first time....are there any good easy projects for high schoolers to do to make this subject a bit more tolerable?

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There are some reasonably nice diagrams and interactive things available on the internet (eg. that you might be able to use. I remember when I first learnt it in highschool we had to bake a cake with all the cell parts on it and bring it in (eg. icing as cytoplasm, jelly beans as mitochondria etc). Maybe you could put a big diagram on the board with bits you could take off or something. Anyway just a few ideas :) Good luck, teaching things for the first time isn't easy!
thanks....I am trying to put together a power point presentation as an that too complicated?
That sounds like a good idea (you could have a the organelles moving into the cell one at a time while you describe it or something), power points can be fun :)

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Other answers:

A power point presentation is a great idea, multiple teachers I have had did that and it makes note taking much easier along with showing pictures and short videos along with it really helps the students understand, especially the visual learners such as me.
Have them swab their cheeks and look at them under a microscope. Or cut up potato pieces, or pear slices. We did that in freshman bio and it was pretty awesome. Im in college and still miss swabbing my cheeks.
You can also have them bring in stuff that they can look at and see if they can find the organelles.
i think powerpoint is the best way to understand
Check out "The Inner Life of the Cell" video produced by Harvard... amazing animation of some subcellular processes ... find it on Youtube! I showed it to my first-year university Cell Biology class and they were asking questions about it through the whole class!

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