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describe a fajita from the point of view of a bean (no, this is not my homework)

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a fajita is imaginary from the point of view of a bean, as fajita's do not contain beans ;)
what kind of question is that!?!?0.o
all the bean wanted was to be in a fajita that actually had beans... :,(

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Other answers:

The bean gazed at the Fajita in a look of absolute lust and a longing for perfect and and pernament Union. The Bean had been wooing the Fajita for a long time. He kept on getting himself into numerous Cookbooks in order to impress Fajita but to no avail. He courted Chefs like noone's business. He said to Fajita ' you and me are destined to be together for ever' ' We are Man and Wife' One with each other for all Eternity. Fajita said 'convince me'. The Bean searched high and low for recipe combos that combined the benefits fo The Bean and Carbo Combi and wondered if he would EVER be united to his beloved Fajita. One day a Masterchef Contestant decided to impress Greg and John by smearing The Bean all over Fajita an experience The Bean enjoyed immensely. ( You can imagine his pleasure! you can hear the ectastic moans!!) Greg and John tried the Quesadilla and whooped with delight. The Bean and his beloved Fajita was united and now the fun could begin!!! copyright kjahillier2011
are these anthropomorphic beans?
wo... into the world of fanfic (it's SCARY in fanfic land!)
I can't remember the last time I whooped with delight. nicely done
anthromorphic... beans that turn into humans? Then it's a SLASH? gasp.
anthropomorphism is beans with human features not turn in to humans
oh... just a guess ( caus anthro is bones i think and morph is obviously change)
You could make a versatile Cartoon of this with a morphing sensual Bean to flirty Fajita.
We have straight Characterisation in The Bean a macho hero who has seen his lifelong love and a forlorn Fajita. What we are getting at in an anthromorphic fashion is a love story between at a Culinary Level the Perfect Union of Ingredients or the most comptatbile Combinations in terms of anthromorphic Bean and Carbo characters.
@gandalfwhiz I like your modus operandi. It's more interesting than a lot of questioners here.
that story was slightly disturbing....
In what way I sneaked in a bit of eroticism via the mashed bean scenario. I wonder if couples will catch on!!
Sacrifice for both characters?
still creepy
In what way creepy? and further to previous question. In what way disturbing? thanks in advance. BTW story was off the top of my head.
do you find bean and fajita intercourse normal, if you just said : he mixed the bean with the fajita, that would have been boring but normal. the way he put it, its just weird
I was a little bit... scarred. But thank u for your input
I can also edit Suggest directions thx in advance!

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