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In JavaScript, is there a way to make content appear on the next line in a list without creating a new list item?

Computer Science
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For more information I have two variables. title and description. I have a list and I want each title and description to be one list item, but I want the description to appear on the next line. \n does not seem to work.
if you mock up a little html it would be easier to see what you are trying to explain :)
\n doesn't work here but try t use
  • tag in the html page and when you press or hover on that item let it display the description. try similar to this document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=Date();
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    Other answers:

    You're probably going to want to put some more html markup in your list-item. e.g.:
  • title
  • depending on your doctype and the like, it may not be 'proper' form to put block level elements (
    ) inside an inline element (
  • ), so you can make the
    s and use css to display them as block level, ie: li span { display: block; }
  • Okay, still can't get ti to work. Here is the entire function: function listEvents(feedRoot) { var entries = feedRoot.feed.getEntries(); var eventDiv = document.getElementById('eventsLoaded'); if (eventDiv.childNodes.length > 0) { eventDiv.removeChild(eventDiv.childNodes[0]); } /* create a new unordered list */ var ul = document.createElement('ul'); /* set the calendarTitle div with the name of the calendar */ document.getElementById('calendarTitle').innerHTML = "Calendar: " + feedRoot.feed.title.$t; /* loop through each event in the feed */ var len = entries.length; for (var i = 0; i < len; i++) { var entry = entries[i]; var title = entry.getTitle().getText(); var content = entry.getContent().getText(); var startDateTime = null; var startJSDate = null; var times = entry.getTimes(); if (times.length > 0) { startDateTime = times[0].getStartTime(); startJSDate = startDateTime.getDate(); } var entryLinkHref = null; var todaysDate = new Date(); if (entry.getHtmlLink() != null) { if (startJSDate.getMonth() +1 == todaysDate.getMonth() + 1 && startJSDate.getDate() == todaysDate.getDate() + 1){ entryLinkHref = entry.getHtmlLink().getHref(); } } var dateString = (startJSDate.getMonth() + 1) + "/" + startJSDate.getDate() + " - "; if (!startDateTime.isDateOnly()) { if (startJSDate.getHours() > 12) { dateString += " " + startJSDate.getHours() - 12 + ":" + padNumber(startJSDate.getMinutes()); }else { dateString += " " + startJSDate.getHours() + ":" + padNumber(startJSDate.getMinutes()); } } var li = document.createElement('li'); /* if we have a link to the event, create an 'a' element */ if (entryLinkHref != null) { entryLink = document.createElement('a'); entryLink.setAttribute('href', entryLinkHref); entryLink.appendChild(document.createTextNode(title)); li.appendChild(entryLink); li.appendChild(document.createTextNode(' - ' + dateString + 'Description goes here, but on the next line.')); } else { li.appendChild(document.createTextNode(title + ' - ' + dateString)); } /* append the list item onto the unordered list */ if (startJSDate.getMonth() +1 == todaysDate.getMonth() + 1 && startJSDate.getDate() == todaysDate.getDate() + 1){ //alert (title); ul.appendChild(li); } } eventDiv.appendChild(ul); }
    Rather than document.createTextNode, createElement('div') and append to that a textNode with the text.

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