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My daughter is taking Calc II and is feeling overwhelmed already (she made an A in Cal I). Is this open study area an effective place for her to get help?

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maybe, depends on how much your willing to put into the study itself :) we get peoples that just want us to do their homework/tests for them instead of studying
but its a good place to test the waters and see what you can catch
what abt calc11 is overwhelming her?

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Other answers:

interaction is key here, helps cut down on the mind reading clutter :)
This website is an open area for people to discuss, ask questions, and answer questions related to mathematics. The discipline is less important as we have frequent people that are familiar with most subjects. I myself am most familiar with all types of calculus (other than fractional), differential equations, linear algebra, and algebra; but I have more experience in other fields such as complex analysis. To see whether she likes it, basically get her to come here and post some questions. Look over the feed back, respond, and be an active part of the community. If she likes it, good, and I hope we can help. If she doesn't, that is unfortunate, and you may need to seek other help such as a private tutor. I, personally, would ask amistre a question about almost any type of math before I went and sought a private tutor. Some people feel the same about me and others such as myiniaya, saifoo, joemath, satellite, and a few others (of offense if I didn't mention you, I'm about to head to class). Just let her try it out. To each his/her own.
Hi smilbourn. OpenStudy is great place for your daughter. I'm Owlfred, a moderator here on OpenStudy. I can assure you that if your daughter is looking to put in work she'll find all the necessary help required to learn. Let mek know if you have any questions:
I'm astounded! What a wonderful resource to share with my daughter. She is a most responsible person/ student and I'm sure that she will be following up on this. Thank you so much for your prompt replies. I'm a college instructor and will be sharing this with my students, as well.
im a college student, and will be sharing this with you :)

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