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how to automatically update a website when anything was updated in another one???

Computer Science
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just click the F5 button
i mean when anything has been uploaded into the databse of another how to show it off in another website. i refer to a site similar to my
i don't know

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Other answers:

Are you looking to have the second site, the site that updates itself, show the update without user interaction? What I mean is, do you need to 'push' the changes to the site, so it'll show them without a refresh, like a chat-room or instant message post would, or do you only need the the change reflected on the second site, for all page views requested from the second site, after the change has occurred to the first?
There's a couple of ways you could approach it. It depends what effect you need.
yes it is similar to that
Could you not just have the request handler from the first site, make a request to the second?
well, i dont know the procedure of it as well as components that are required to do that . can you plz provide me the links dat will assist me!!!
It depends on how you're building the site. The problem is straight forward enough to resolve, but how you'd do it depends on how your site is built. Do you control the site, or do you just build pages with someone else hosting it? If you want to add something to a page directly, you'll need to use a bit of simple Javascript I reckon. If you can change the code on the servers, then a simple request handler would probably do it, but you need to state what language your app scripted in, before anyone could offer a code example.
You could use an auto refresher scripts to auto update your page. meta refresh Code: or the javascript method Code: That would go in your head tags.
You can use an iframe tag to the first site in the second.
@Nfarrow Nice one mate. I put you a medal up. Welcome to OpenStudy.

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