• anonymous
I think this website is really good because of its simplicity but it may need a little more moderation and maybe a way to dissociate the homework-type thread from the study/research thread. Hope that the feedback helps !
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  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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  • chestercat
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  • shadowfiend
Currently we're mostly orienting ourselves to so-called `homework-type' threads, but we would like to facilitate both in the future. Moderation is a problem we're dealing with as we can. We've been having fewer issues (as far as we can tell) the last week or so. Remember, if you see a post or chat message that needs moderator attention, click on the `Report Abuse' button on the given post or chat message to let us know about it!
  • carlsmith
@Shadowfiend How do you go about being considered for helping as a moderator? I haven't been on for a while, but real-work has dropped off a bit, and I'm hoping to get back on it. To be honest, I don't see very much badness on the site, but I'm assuming mods get a shout when other users hit the Report button.
  • anonymous
Thanks for the answers, actually moderation may not be the right word, i was mainly referring to the few threads that ends up in the wrong category which is not that big of a deal, but sometimes gets annoying. But still the site is awesome and i understand that "home work type" thread is the main focus as its the largest public and i meant that the concept of the site as a study tool is good enough to be extended to other aspects of collaborative/open study, glad its in perspective for the future.Keep up the great work.

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