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When you guys are perusing articles on the internet, what do you find is the primary factor that keeps you reading? Content, writing style, topic...etc?

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Reward. I want to know that what I'm doing helps me achieve my goals more effectively than anything else I could be doing instead.
So, you're saying that if you're looking for an answer to a question or a solution to a problem, you want to know the article has that content. And if you're just surfing, you want to feel like what you're doing is productive...
That's it. I like to know that the content was designed to serve my needs. I don't like spending my time being sold something or being told someone's Views On X.

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Other answers:

Beautiful; thanks for the info!
Topic. Then humor. I love an author with a sense of humor.
I look for all of those. A catchy title with interesting and well written content.
I find myself coming back for multiple reasons. I always come back for the topic of course. I find something I'm interested in and then read it. Once there, I look for style. If the style is interesting and never draws a dull moment, I definately want to keep reading then come back again.
everythn bt the content matters more....cuz primarily i decide to read by the content.. i wont read it if its not to mi liking........Rite?
I know it sounds superficial, but layout is important. There's a lot to be said for professional layout and style. It's difficult to enjoy a good read when some Sexy-Single-In-Your-Area is flashing her stuff from a banner down one side of the page. Besides, why is a girl like that single anyway?
Because she whores herself and nobody wants to marry a whore.
So wait...whores would be a good or bad topic?
Snide humor about current events! Just make sure you can back up the facts that you may write about. I personally cannot stand when someone says that a certain percentage of people brush their teeth with Aquafresh without some sort of proof.

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