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Why is everyone following this MOOC? Have you every participated in an open course? Share your experiences.

Change: Education, Learning, and Technology
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Hi! I've been interested in technology since I can remember, and a big fan of education technology [that's how I found OpenStudy after all!]. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to study with the students at Georgia Tech and thought leaders that will discuss where edtech is going.
seems like a great topic for my first MOOC (with MOOC's by definition being the forefront of the cross-section between Education, Learning, and Technology)
Fascinated by the topic, and the potential for MOOCs in general. Heard about it from one of the devs of OpenStudy. Can't wait to go back to school =)

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Other answers:

whats MOOC?
iwantostudy, Please look at to find out what it's all about.
I want to hear from people around the world. Great way to connect with diverse minds.
I have been following George and Stephen for some time. I have loosely followed LAK11 and CCK10.
This is the first MOOC I have joined. I have been increasing online content of my classes, as well as helping students network (even used open study before). I'm looking at the MOOC model as a way to teach a new freshman level course in biology.
RAMaxwell Ii would be really interested in your freshman biology experience and what you see as the greatest advantages of the format.
I was part of Mobimooc & also did FacilatingOnine 2010 whcih had menay mooc feature but obly around 90 people signed up. Both were awesome. You get out what you put in.
Thanks lewismal. Is there a pointer to Mobimooc you can share?
I've followed a few other MOOCs, mostly as a lurker due to other time commitments. Mostly I just hang around looking for ideas to steal (great artists steal, etc.) from people like George and Dave. And it's great to hear some about what people around the world are doing since even with all of the communication tools and communities, so many great projects and discoveries remain relatively unknown.

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