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What do you hope to get out of this MOOC?

Change: Education, Learning, and Technology
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I want to hear how the rest of the world is thinking about ed tech and disruptions. I am hoping to get a pulse of the rest of the world through this global community. And you?
So what do I want to gain from my participation in the Change11 MOOC? 1. Learn how instructional technologists are making major contributions to educational research, learning and teaching. 2. To build a body of knowledge that I can use professionally to enhance the experience of international students in the Australian Higher Education context. 3. To build a personal learning network that revolves around instructional technology, Higher Education and life-long learning. 4. To listen for the emergence of communities, understand how they are formed and whether it is possible to design learning experiences to foster their emergence. 5. To find my place in a professional community of practice.
Thats a great list. Thanks for sharing. I want to understand how ed tech is changing the way we do education - globally. Sometimes you get so used to a very US centric perspective! I think this global audience will be a great way to understand these trends.

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Other answers:

Ideas and inspiration. I'm looking at the MOOC model as a way of delivering a new freshman course in biology.
Wanting to get a handle on where teaching might be heading, as well as getting introduced to online tools such as this one. I'm a high school teacher.
I want to learn how to run a MOOC and work together to create a good set of MOOC facilitation guidelines. Most MOOCs have technology based topics. I would love to help some colleagues start non-techie MOOCs. Like a Spanish for educators MOOC for example.
I want to see what a MOOC is all about, and to gain intersting perspectives on the way learning might be heading. I also hope to gain a lot of knowledge about social networks and learning in social networks. It could be interesting to transfer this MOOC thinking into HE and the world of Ph.D. students, so hope to get some ideas about that too.
I am interested in learning about how MOOCs work ... partly out of personal interest and partly to see how I can incorporate learning and all these different social media technologies to better connect with our students, learners and people ... It's a lot to take in, and we're looking very forward to participating in this course. Of course, I guess the first step is figuring out where I am, where my work is and how to make things come together. I think this is going to be very cool!
Attended 08, and part of 09 - I'm keen to see how this one works/out, and 'hang out in an interesting place again.
Satisfy curiosity about MOOCs; understand how open learning might affect "formal" higher education; get a sense of how learners are going to interact as open resources outpace the ivory towers; to wander and sample...
First, what does MOOC stand for???? Now that I am in one, what must one do to set up a class MOOC. I see that there are several for MIT, naturally, but there is little on Economics and I do not know how to set one up myself. Also how do you control the MOOCs as I see that there are several that really should not be there. I llike the posting to Twitter ability, as all of my students have a Twitter account and I communicate with them there. So this is a way to bring them into the discussion.
@WWENDT: Massively Open Online Course

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