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Fun Fact # 6 : Do you know what is the leading cause of mortality after delivery of an infant?
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Postpartum Hemorrhage is currently the leading cause of death after both vaginal and cesarean deliveries. PPH is defined as excessive blood loss that makes the patient symptomatic. The most common definition is blood loss greater than 500 ml after vaginal birth or 1000 ml after a c-section. Some of the symptoms of PPH include : - lightheadedness - weakness - palpitations - low bood pressure - high heart rate We use the 4 T's as a mnemonic for remembering the main causes of PPH : T - tone - when the uterus fails to contract T - trauma - vaginal tears, uterine inversion, ruptured uterus T - tissue - when a piece of the placenta is still in the uterus T - thrombin - blood clotting disorders When you suspect Postpartum Hemorrhage, determine the cause to help you provide the right management.
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Postpartum haemorrhage is the most frequent cause of death after childbirth. However, if a woman is in shock, postpartum is able to bring their body and then exhaustion from various causes and psychological interactions can cause death.

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